Episode IV: The Gamepire Strikes GoldEdit

Super Console Wars
The Gamepire Strikes Gold

Nate Craddock


Keith Adler,
Nate Craddock,
Bob Kolk


The Wonderful World of Nate


February 2002



The Gamepire Strikes Gold is based on Star Wars: A New Hope and takes place using many familiar video game characters including Luigi, Mario, Conker, and Donkey Kong.


On the planet Nintendooine, Lukeegi Pipewalker finds two peripherals and the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Shinobi. Meanwhile Darth Mario has captured Princess Zeia and is going to destroy her homeworld using the Gamepire's new weapon the Gamecube.


This fan film can be viewed at Super Console Wars Site


  • Lukeegi Pipewalker
  • Obi-Wan Shinobi
  • Princess Zeia
  • GC-PU
  • VM-U2
  • Darth Mario
  • Clone Mario
  • Conk Solo
  • Kongdacca
  • Moff Bison

Episode V: The Gamepire Strikes Once AgainEdit

We do not yet know for certain if there will or will not be a Super Console Wars Episode V.

However on the official website it states that "Coming Soon: New Characters! New Artwork! New Animation! Special Guest Stars, etc. Which gives the appearance of a sequel. Also, on the's "Word from the Director" page it states: "For now I'm just focusing on getting through A New Hope, but I do have a bunch of gags for what will eventually become The Gamepire Strikes Once Again, and Return of the Side-Scroller. Of course I can't forget the prequels that surround the formation of the Gamepire and how it took domination from the old board gaming republic, The Phantom Pixel, Release of the Clones, and whatever the last one will be called. Of course I'll probably be an old man by the time I get around to finishing those! :)"- Nate Craddock, Director.

Exploring New WorldsEdit

Google Sketchup might make a revision of Adventure Iseley by using the list of all arcade games from this link that was colored in. These arcade games might be remixed and remastered with surround sound and music and better quality and designs of backgrounds. It can also have recycled audio from all the retro arcade games from the list for this link, such as sounds and music. It guides Star Wars fans to explore all the buildings of the arcade games in the entire location to see them in 3-D. It can be easier to see the fonts of these arcade games to see them glow and have special effects like neon and lights.

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