Hi Folks! Ya wanna know whats going on? Let me tell you the story of Star Spoof!

(warning: this page is goofy plus the real history of Star Spoof Wiki so relax and enjoy)


Zero Hour: April 25, 2008

Leonhart178 was looking on the Central Wikia for a normal Star Wars and/or Star Trek spoof and parody site. However there was none... Then as if he were enlightened he saw the Request A Wiki link! A light crept through the window of his house and shone upon the computer screen. He clicked it... oh so carefully...and requested...requested...ParodyWars! a Star Wars spoof wiki. Unfortunately, it was turned down. But he did not give up hope, Like Zaphod Beeblebrox he must strive onward though the world be against it! Then he requested a Star Wars/Star Trek parody wiki which he so named...STAR SPOOFS!! (Hallelujah Chorus). The next day he checked his E-mail and saw it... The confermation e-mail for Star Spoof!!!! Now Star Spoof has been running since then.

May 01 2008

User:JoePlay has made logos for Star Spoof!

Unsure of Date...

Another user has come to this wiki. I have looked them up and they appear on no other wiki! so this is a newcomer first to Star Spoof!

Star Spoof Wiki would like to welcome: User:Tuxninja

<To be apart of this history page jump in and start editing, be the first to fill in a red article other than Leonhart178 and be the first one mentioned here (other than Leonhart178)>


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