The Force is a mythical energy shield, it binds the galaxy together, it also gives the jedi his power. Since Ben Kenobi first tought us of the Force in A New Hope people have been mocking it and spoofing it for a long time.


From the movie The Master Of Disguise. Energico is a type of the Forceas it helps Pisatio change into another person and it also has a dark side like the force.

The ThumbEdit

The Thumb is a force-like power in the spoof Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle.

The ShwartzEdit

Taken from Mel Brooks' film Spaceballs where Yogurt shows Lone Starr the Shwartz which acoording to the conversation between Barf and Yogurt is better than the Force.

Yogurt says something about being a keeper of a the greatest power.

"The Force?" -Barf

"No, Da Shwartz!" - Yogurt

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